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Copurs à distance au Collège Innovance

Chers étudiants, Le Collège Innovance proosera désormais des formations à distance ! Les nouvelles inscriptons seront faites pour Septembre 2020. Veuillez nous contacter par Telegram au 5144247014 pour toutes vos questions ! A bientôt !

College Innovance helps you to overcome new challenge of Covid 19

College Innovance Mini MBA course is now available online to provide you with the best possible learning experience. we try our best to pay the same attention in a virtual classroom with the same quality in online classes to keep the engagement and collaboration there are lots of interactive workshops and group activities with the latest technological resources.

Online Agile Course

As in all organizations today, you have to deal with a constantly changing work environment. The relationships between customers, partners and competitors are more numerous and complex than ever, which can often leave you confused as to the meaning to be given to the information you receive. To survive and perform in such a context, you have to be more Agile in your behavior and in the way you do things. Agility is the capability of a group of humans to anticipate and dynamically adjust to ongoing changes in the business environment in order to reach a common goal for which the meaning is shared. Understanding the foundations of agility, its real usefulness and its different areas of application most often requires awareness raising and a training program: - Key role in agility (Be Agile) : Scrum Master, Product Owner and Leader Agile - Performance (Do Agile) : Scaling Scrum, Agile project management and Kanban